Just after 8pm on Monday evening we were called a burnoff threatening a tree at Ruby McKenzie Park in Woodend. Woodend Captain was first on scene and located the fire, quickly realising that access was going to be difficult following recent heavy rain. He also discovered the fire had spread rapidly and was threatening several large trees. A contractor had been clearing a densely wooded area, and lit several piles. Woodend Tanker 1 was first to arrive and immediately attacked the larger fire, with CFA fire fighters forced to wade through a deepish creek to reach the fire. They were quickly joined by Macedon Tanker, which went to attack a second burn near the first, Woodend Tanker 2, Woodend Pumper and Woodend FCV. Woodend Captain then called for a further two tankers to ensure water delivery to those working on the fire, joined by Carlsruhe Tanker, Tylden Tanker, Tylden FCV and Carlsruhe lighting unit. The fire took about 40 minutes to control, with an excavator bringing down a large cyprus tree that was threatened by the fire and blacking out continuing for some time. Woodend crews returned to station to clean equipment and refurbish trucks, leaving the station round 11pm. Thanks to Jeremy Nash for an aerial image early and Kelly Clune for the other, the final two photos were taken towards the end of the job. Well done to all crews, working in very difficult conditions.

  • Published: 10 months ago on October 12, 2020
  • Last Modified: October 12, 2020 @ 11:38 pm

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