Once again, the Woodend, Newham and Hesket-Kerrie CFA Brigades conducted the annual Good Friday Collection for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal. It was great to be able to get back on the road, after recent issues with Covid and very big thank you to all of the CFA volunteers, family members and friends who volunteered to door knock and collect.

A special thanks to all residents and visitors who donated so generously, raising A NEAR RECORD TOTAL OF $14,725 – including $11,633 for Woodend, $1,679 for Hesket-Kerrie and $1,413 for Newham.
A huge thank you to organising team, the highly-skilled money counting team and the Catering Crew of the Woodend CFA who ensured that all were well fed and watered on the day.

Unfortunately, we were not able to cover every home, so If we missed your house, you can can still donate online through the Virtual Tin Shake – simply go to https://www.virtualtinshake.com.au/fundraisers/Woodend. It’s so easy to do and your donation will add directly to the Woodend total.
A big thank you ALSO to the team at the Commonwealth Bank in Woodend for the final money count.

A special mention to the increasing numbers of families who were involved. It is great to see family and friends joining Woodend CFA volunteers for the collection. The McKinnon clan, which included 12 young people, collected a total of $4,912, while the family Woodend CFA volunteer Paddy Callaghan collected $904 and the individual record of more than $560 to Eleanor Middleton closely followed by Alice McKinnon with $560. The youngest collectors were 4 year old Leo and 2 year old Hudson Kyretses, who collected an amazing $592, with the help of mum and dad.
A great effort by everyone involved.

  • Published: 2 months ago on April 19, 2022
  • Last Modified: April 19, 2022 @ 2:48 am

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